About SA

Development projects in various forms have been operating in Africa for several decades. And whereas significant strides have been achieved, there are doubts if the resources justify the progress made. After several years in Africa’s development sector, working on Governance, Agricultural, Health, and Education programmes, there’s still one question unanswered. How can we truly do development differently? 

This is the whole essence of Succor Africa Communications. We are driven about the possibilities on the African continent. We are on a quest to seek sustainable cost-effective development solutions and welcome your partnership!

Who We Are

Your partners in solutions creation!

We are a team of experienced development solutions consultants. Combined, our team have over 68 years NGO-sector experience. We provide expertise, tools, technology and contextual solutions to humanitarian and development sector teams in Africa to solve the continent’s priority challenges. We deploy years of contextual multi-donor, multi-sector experience in governance, health, education, agriculture, peace and justice, environmental protection, humanitarian assistance, and infrastructural development programmes to address the continent’s priorities.

We go beyond the call of duty on each project, giving you the extra edge delivered with utmost professionalism.

Simply consider us, your value for money partners!

Our Vision

  • We envision a self-reliant, self-sustaining and violence-free Africa.

Our Mission

  • To inspire, create and execute sustainable solutions to address Africa’s development priorities.

Our Believe

  • Africa’s growth is in the hands of Africans!
  • We believe in Africa and Africans! We believe in the tremendous human and natural resources on the continent. We believe that in the myriad of challenges that the continent face lie the solutions. We recognize, learn from and partner with global pioneers across sectors and continents, adapting solutions to the Africa context.

Our Commitment

  • We are passionate about the possibilities on the African continent and are committed to finding the right solutions.

Our Values

  • Commitment – We are passionate about the possibilities on the African continent and are committed to finding the right solutions.
  • Leadership – We lead by doing. We accelerate the pace of development in Africa, challenging stereotypes, and responding to priorities.
  • Integrity – We are honest and straightforward in all that we do. We treat everyone with dignity and respect. We act responsibly with resources entrusted to us. We are accountable and operate by these values.
  • Excellence – We set high standards of performance and service delivery.
  • Teamwork – We advance our vision through our connection with like minds.
  • Equal Opportunity –We ensure that all Africans have equal opportunity for developing, expressing and utilizing their potential.